Friday, June 25, 2010

Rockabye Sweet Baby Shea

It has already been a week since we were introduced to Shea Ann Bright, when we were stunned by her early appearance. Arriving over 3 weeks early, she has given us no reason to believe that she should've cooked longer, unless you count the fact that she has no eyelids. Just kidding, she has eyelids, and also a suprising amount of body hair, or lanugo. Rather than the black, coarse hair you might expect to find on a newborn, lanugo is a soft downy hair that is not to be shaved off, for it will only grow back thrice as thick four times as fast. You will be shaving it so much that you will be using up razor blades (jump to 8:24).

In addition to the fur, or rather before I even noticed the fur, there was a thick coating of what I like to call Shea Butter.

In fact, that's the nickname that I'm going to try to make stick for her...that or Shea Stadium. I should be a-Sheamed of myself. Anyway, rather than continue to ham it up, I will redirect the spotlight onto the star of the show. I give you...Shea Butter.

Too tender.


brando said...

That is a buttery, buttery SWEET BABY!

I wish you and your little hardees biscuit all the best. As well as your slightly larger Chicken Supreme!

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