Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween + Packers = Fun

Life has been packed with richness and full flavor lately, and rather than document it at every turn, I've just been letting it wash over me. Since I haven't exactly been bloggin' like Kenny Loggins, this entry is going to read a bit like a Facebook page.

Kenny Loggins: "Why don't you just create a Facebook account then?"

Don't worry about it.

Here are a couple Halloween leftovers that I'm gonna force to the top here...

This is a motion-activated heart that has somehow found it's way out of someone's body and is now being chewed by rats...available at Walgreens.

After trick or treating, we met with some friends at the Eau Claire Children's Museum to see what that was all about. I was surprised to see how cool it was, in large part due to the giant digestive system playground.

There goes Maura down the esophogus. Every so often the crawling would trigger some kind of slurpy, squilchy digestive sound to further supplement the experience.

It was really a rather groovy atmosphere once inside.

Then it's off to Lambeau Field to watch the Packers get manhandled by the Vikings. Obviously there was a lot of hype leading up to this game, as everyone wondered how Brent's homecoming would go. I'd have to say it was a little anticlimactic, with the cacophony of booing lasting only 15 seconds or so. I figured the place would erupt into such disturbance that the game would have to be delayed, but as it turns out, people are pretty much over it. I had also heard a lot about how the Packers defense would be giving Brett a lesson from the school of hard knocks. I would have been happy with any knocks. Maybe just start with a little bit of pressure and then work your way up to a sack or an interception.

I did notice a strange reaction from the lady sitting next to me when certain things would happen on the field though. She would kind of generally cheer for the Packers after successful plays, but it seemed like she was hesitating to cheer for any one particular player, especially A-Rod. Sure enough, she still had lingering feelings for Brett, because every time he contributed to a Viking effort to bury the Pack she would applaud. Any fan that would put an individual (especially from another team) ahead of the Packers is a fan that I don't want to know.

What a buncha bums.

Meet Helmethead. He was sitting a few rows down carrying on and soaking through his unlit cigar, so I figured I'd seize the opportunity to get a picture with a Lambeau legend. Unfortunately his painted skull didn't bring us any luck this time, but this is no Halloween costume my friends. He'll be ready to rock next week with a fresh coat.